WHAT IF Battle

Evaluate what would happen if several variables took different values
What IF Battle example. Represents change in prediction and each variable impact

What are we trying to explain?

Our WHAT IF Battle evaluates in real time different scenarios. This allows you to make decisions based on what your model learnt from data rather than on intuition.

Why is it useful?

Information from this explanation can be used for different purposes.
For business
  • Evaluate business actions on-the-fly: getting to know what would happen in advance can help you make better decisions. Stop relying on your intuitions.
  • Increase profits: validate actions that will increase your profits.
  • Model validation: using data from experts, you can check whether your model works properly.

For developers

  • Model check: use hypothesis validated by experts and test whether your model behaves as expected.

How we do it

We execute the model on both the original and update samples. Then, we generate a Sample Explanation for both them.